SFFEB Board Members at the January 2020 Governing Board Member Retreat @ The Bay Model, US Army Corps of Engineers, Sausilito, CA. 

Left-to-Right: Bonnie Zavadil Macaraig, Laura Ebbert, Julie Clowes, Tatum King, Les Yamagata, Dan Veale, Kimberly Nash, Zachary Oshinbanjo, Paul Laustsen, Chad Davis-Montgomery, Sara Russell, Patricia Raymond, Bonnie Graham, Christine Munroe

Governing Council Members serve a minimum of two years, and nominations are confirmed by annual vote of the full FEB membership at our Strategic Planning Meeting. The two elected Governing Council Officers, the Chair and Vice-Chair, are also elected annually and serve a one year term. As a general rule, the Chair is succeeded by the Vice-Chair. The Chair acts as the senior spokesman for the FEB and supervises the activities of the Governing Council. Generally, the Governing Council meets on a monthly basis, and once meeting minutes are approved by the Chair, they are distributed to the full FEB membership. Scroll down for the latest meeting minutes.

Elected Officers (1-year term; Auto-succession)

  • Chair: Kimberly Nash, Director of Community Planning & Development, US Department of Housing & Urban Development
  • 1st Vice Chair: Julie Clowes, Director, San Francisco District Office, US Small Business Administration
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Tatum King, Special Agent-In-Charge, Homeland Security Investigations
  • Immediate Past Chair: Les Yamagata, Director, Customer Account and Stakeholder Engagement Division, GSA

Ex-Officio Members  (Appointments)

  • Bonnie Zavadil Macaraig, Regional Administrator, U.S. Department of Labor, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration & Management (SFFEB Funder)
  • Tom Scott, Regional Administrator, U.S. General Services Administration (SFFEB Funder)
  • Christine Munroe, Small Business Specialist, NASA Ames Research Center (Leadership Development Program Alumni)

Appointments – At-Large

  • Sara Snyder, Regional Director and Chief Administrative Judge, Western Region, Merit Systems Protection Board
  • Tammy Littrell, Chief of Staff, Office of the Regional Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Administration
  • Wendy Torres, Regional Director, Veterans Benefit Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Patricia Raymond, Regional Communications Director, U.S. Social Security Administration

Council Chairs

  • Acquisition Council: Jacqueline Sullo, General Services Administration
  • Combined Federal Campaign, Local Federal Coordinating Committee TBD
  • Community Outreach Council: Jennifer LaForce, US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Emergency Preparedness Working Group: Chris Craft, Deputy Regional Director, Office of Mission Assurance, General Services Administration
  • Human Resources Council: Tatum King, Special Agent-In-Charge, Homeland Security Investigations
  • Leadership Development Program: Nik Crain, U.S. Office of Personnel Management
  • Outer Islands Council: TBD
  • Public Affairs Council: Paul Laustsen, U.S. Geological Service & Andra Higgs, General Services Administration
  • Training & Educational Development Council: Christine Munroe, Small Business Specialist, NASA Ames Research Center
  • Shared Neutrals Program: Rufus Arther, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • SEPM/EEO/D&I Council: Chad Davis-Montgomery, Branch Chief, Supplemental Food Programs, Food and Nutrition Service, Western Region, United States Department of Agriculture
  • SES Executive Leadership: John Kramar, US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Tribal Council: Laura Ebbert, Director, Tribal Intergovernmental & Policy Division, Environment Protection Agency 

Federal Executive Board Staff:

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