Councils & Their Email Lists

Below is a list of San Francisco FEB councils open to all Bay Area/NorCal area federal employees with a current federal government email address. Please feel free to sign up for council email listserv if you have formal responsibilities or an interest in the community of practice served by the council. You may receive emails from the council leadership or the SFFEB regarding upcoming meetings, meeting minutes, training opportunities, or other information of interest to the council. You can also participate in the cross-agency collaboration site for each council on their SFFEB HSIN sites.

Email to request to join one of the following council email listservs:

Acquisition: Contracting Officers, CORs, and other acquisition professionals.

CFC (Combined Federal Campaign): LFCC, Loaned Executives, and Key Workers.

SEPM (Special Emphasis Program Managers), EEO, Diversity & Inclusion: Looking for effective communication resources, speakers, or ideas? Do you have resources, speakers, or ideas for others? Do you want to plan an event with other agencies within your building?

Emergency Preparedness: EMC, ERG, COOP, CiP, PODs, FSMs, ISC, EOC, DOs, and OSH professionals.

Human Resources: Recruitment, staffing, diversity & inclusion, and strategic initiatives.

Leadership Development: PMC, IGMT, LDP, USA Graduate School, and VSFS training programs & rotations.

Outer Islands: Improving communication, consistency, and collaboration between federal & pacific island partners.

Public Affairs: PAO/PIO networking, trend analysis, social media, and emergency management communications.

Shared Neutrals: For active federal mediators with the Shared Neutrals Program only.

Training & Educational Development (TED-C): Training and education professionals as well as licensed coaches, mentors, and counselors.

Tribal Affairs: Improving communication, consistency, and collaboration between federal & tribal partners.